The quality of our future will be defined by our ability to innovate and lead change rather than simply respond to it.

The Verge experience

Join us to learn how to make innovation work at your organization.

Practical workshops will facilitate learning and discovery. Open conversations with innovation experts who have earned their experience will spark fresh ideas. Insights from entrepreneurs will spur new plans for the future.

  • Be inspired by corporate innovation thought leaders
  • Network and engage with forward-thinking corporate innovators
  • Learn about the best tools to implement strategies and succeed

Let the MaRS ecosystem ignite your ideas!

Gain Exclusive Access To
Tools and practices

Attend one of our workshops on February 29 and you'll come away with the practical skills needed to drive innovation in today's ever-changing global marketplace.

Disruptive technologies

Connect with peers and leaders in the innovation ecosystem while you enjoy a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of MaRS and the next wave of innovative companies that are building our future.

Thought leadership

Our sessions are based on four pillars:

1) Trends | Anticipate and plan: Gain insight into current trends and learn how to put your business ahead of the curve.

2) Tools | Implement and succeed: Get hands-on, practical training to implement the latest innovation theories at work.

3) Inspiration | Ignite and motivate: Hear new ideas and learn best practices from corporate innovation leaders.

4) Network | Share and learn: Collaborate with peers and innovation experts in the MaRS ecosystem. Great things happen when worlds collide and converge.

By the end of the event, you'll leave with:

  • An updated set of skills
  • A different way of thinking
  • A fresh outlook on the world of corporate innovation

Exchange ideas and collaborate with peers throughout both days.

Innovators’ Café: Have meaningful conversations with fellow corporate innovators during our extended breaks. Our laid-back environment fosters collaboration and learning.

Innovators’ Pub: Unwind and reflect on future possibilities over refreshments — and plan your next meeting with fellow MaRS Verge attendees.

The MaRS experience

MaRS brings together Ontario’s corporate, small business, academic and research sectors under one roof. We convene partners from across these sectors, fostering collaboration and the convergence of ideas that power innovation.

Our independence, coupled with the scope of our mission to drive economic and societal prosperity, make MaRS a unique, global asset for Toronto, the province of Ontario and Canada.

The air and energy are different here. Come see for yourself.

Attend MaRS Verge


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