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Master Classes

Our Master Classes are half-day sessions designed to facilitate learning and discovery.

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UX: Connect with Customers

How companies use design to support business objectives

User Experience (UX) is a process in design that can help businesses achieve multiple objectives by putting customers first. Whether removing points of friction and confusion from a sales-focused website or simplifying complex tasks users face with your product, UX design can help you gain and retain users. When businesses discuss design, there’s a bias to consider it as a matter of ‘taste’ like art. UX design takes a more scientific mindset with an emphasis on user testing feedback loops to dictate decisions.

Crowdsourcing Innovation

Hacking the hackathon

Hackathons have the potential to be transformative when executed properly and with the right objectives in mind. When people think of hackathons, they often think of innovation and IP development as the core objectives, but they are also great drivers of community and developer engagement, and provide key opportunities for corporate branding and recruitment. Hackathons are moving from the “bro coder” community into more mainstream technology and innovation communities, but there is a definite need for education and mentorship.