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Rory Capern, Managing Director of Twitter Canada

What Innovation Looks Like at Twitter and Canadian Tech Outposts

 Silicon Valley isn’t the only competition for Canadian outposts of international tech corporations. The race to develop an innovative culture is global. Rory Capern, Managing Director of Twitter Canada,  joined us to reflect on his time at Microsoft and Google and highlight the unique challenges he currently faces running Twitter’s Canadian office. Catch our recap here.


John Stackhouse, Senior VP Office of the CEO at RBC

Canadian Disruption: Why it's different here

Every sector in Canada is facing some form of digital disruption, and yet the experiences — good and bad — tend to be different from the U.S. John Stackhouse, a best-selling author, journalist and now bank executive, joined us to explain what Canada has right, and what may be keeping us behind.

Elmar Mock, Co-inventor of the Swatch watch

What makes innovation tick?

Elmar Mock joined us to share his thoughts on making the impossible possible. Through comparisons between high-tech device companies – such as Apple and Samsung – to fish swimming in the ocean navigating a viscous medium and the watch industry to agile birds flying free in the sky. He explored whether the fish will learn to fly or the birds will learn to swim. For more highlights from his talk click here.